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Sunday, January 11, 2009

They're So ChiChi!

And adorable!

Ahhhhh, there's nothing like love.  Mike and Jen were married this summer past - in fine retro fashion.  

In this picture perfect pic the happy couple is showing us their ChiChi...

...sharing a toast with premium vintage Amoeba glassware acquired at our house.

They look so happy.  And we're happy they shared their ChiChi with us!

Ain't love grand?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fine Company

Through the rush of the Holiday season we missed out on introducing you to some of our latest additions.

So, without further ado... now keeping company with our mix of creative design objects....

Park Planter by Science + Sons

Canadian designer Tristan Zimmerman is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design where he studied industrial design. His website mini-bio states that he began Science + Sons after suffering a serious case of creative atrophy while employed with a bio medical device company. We couldn't be happier about that.

Park Planter is, from our view, one part social commentary, one part comedic voyeurism and 100% brilliant. Elevate your plant to towering heights making it central to a number of scenes. Be it a flasher, a mugger, a gay couple or a lost salesman (with more scenes to be added soon!) you can't help but feel like a giant voyeur sneaking a peek at a shrunken down world.

Display model in store - special order item.

Also by Tristan Zimmerman and available through ChiChi...

Phonophone II


Phonophone is an elegant sculptural audio console. Using passive amplification - no batteries, no external power - and your mp3 device's earphones Phonophone uses horn acoustics to amplify the earbud output to 55 decibels. 55 decibels won't rock the house for a party but it will provide you with a rich, resonant sound while having dinner with a few friends.

Special order item.

Creative Cocktails...

Call for suitably creative glassware.

A BY:AMT design, the Inside Out collection of glasses make a stunning break from the traditional. Ho hum barware move aside! Once filled with your beverage of choice the expected shape of your selected glass stands out boldly within the more casual shaped outer wall of glass. The space between acts as an insulator to keep your beverage as cool as these glasses look.

Martini and Champagne glasses available in store. Shot and Liqueur glasses available by order.

Flowermiser by Innermost

Innermost continues to astound with clever design. Flowermiser turns a few choice flowers into a stunning spray with the reflective power of mirror polished stainless steel shaped like a bouquet.

Porcelain Votive Holders by Liz Emtage

Hand crafted in the UK, each delicate vessel is one of a kind. Organic materials are embedded in the clay prior to the firing process leaving a tactile and visual dimension within the finished piece. A truly beautiful and unique object, each signed by the artist.

Innermost Fuzz Votive Holder

These frosted glass votive holders are spotted on the inside and present the illusion of a roaring fire. Another clever Innermost design.  Sold in sets of two.

Loopy Lu Pendant Shades by Lothair Hamann 

Get a little Loopy in your decor! Take them home in a flat pack and then assemble the loops into a crazy cool shade! Hang one for a pop in a room. Hang five different colors in a room for an explosion!

Tune in again soon for even more new items we haven't had time to brag about yet!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You're So ChiChi!

Kristen is obviously one ChiChi chick!

Here we get a peek at her Boontje Midsummer Light in all of its glory. I'm loving how it positively pops with the lickable pink walls!  

As an oddball aside ~ 

Is that...  Could it be....

A girly Domo???

I...  must...  have...  one.

If there is anything I love as much as a Midsummer Light (in any color), it is bold use of color in home decor.

In this snap we see some ChiChi in the awesome yellow vintage candy dish.  

And we get treated to the stylings of someone who is emboldened in their choice of color.  The contrast combined with a subtle explosion of the unexpected hue and the melding of modern with vintage makes for one impressive entry hall.

And as if that isn't enough to delight your senses today ~ the painting shown here, if I'm not mistaken, is an original work by Kristen herself. Talented girl!

Thanks, Kristen, for sharing your ChiChi with us!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Show Us Your ChiChi!

We hear great stories from our customers about how lovely a wall graphic looks in their space, or how delightful a Boontje light looks in their bedroom.  

We're pretty good at visualization but a picture speaks a thousand words so we're calling on you to show us your ChiChi!  

Send us a pic or two of something from our house which has zazzed up your house!

Vintage barware collector?  How about a picture of you and your friends toasting each other with some groovy glasses you picked up here.

Design junkie?  How about something you picked up 'as is' (I'm hinting at he-knows-who and the Herman Miller chairs) and prettied up on your own.  We'd love to see how it turned out!

Did a Boontje light add just the right amount of oomph to a room?

We love hearing how the treasures you find here work in your space and we'd love even more to see and share it with our blog followers.  

As incentive to take a few minutes to share your photos with us, every six months we will randomly draw from all submissions for a $50 ChiChi gift card!  This segment of Show Us Your ChiChi will run from January 4th, 2009 to July 4th, 2009.

I'll show you mine.....

Now you show me yours!

Happy New Year!

Happy (albeit a tad late) New Year to you and yours!

ChiChi hopes you had a fabulous holiday season and rang in the New Year with aplomb and gusto surrounded by the people you love the most be it family or friends or a combination of both!

Having been lax in posting, with a great many excuses, prepare thyself for a brief flurry of same.

Take note, please, of our new winter hours of operation.  We will likely reopen for Sunday shopping with finer weather in the spring.  And we most certainly will be offering more extended hours in the first two weeks of February to accommodate the lads and ladies who want to bring something uniquely ChiChi home to their love.

We've also added two new features to the blog which you will find in the sidebar:

Follow This Blog: Fellow bloggers will be alerted to updates as they're posted with alerts appearing in your Blogger dashboard. If you wish to be alerted to blog updates and you're not a blogger yourself you can also find a subscription button in the sidebar.

Dwell Product of the Day: We're going to give this one a shot though the widget I installed on my laptop seems to get fritzy now and again. Dwell's product of the day features the ultra hip, the newest, the eco-friendliest and the best of design objects. Many of the items we have in the house have been appeared in previous "Product of the Day" features.

In preparation for some fantastic new merchandise we wish to introduce to the 'Peg, and to bring out of hiding some incredible up-cycled pieces we are working on, we are going to be featuring a huge housekeeping sale for the entire month of January.  

On sale right now....

All Christmas items at 50% off!

Digit Bands for $7

Select Espe bags and accessories at 30% off

Select Vintage inspired giftware at 50% off

Select upcycled and vintage furniture discounts of 35% 

Select authentic vintage items at 50% off

Stop by any time during our regular hours, sip on a not-quite-famous-yet complimentary latte and browse around for one of the many bargains featured.

Who doesn't love a bargain?