New Spaces

Not only are we extremely close to opening our new space in
the Exchange District... we have moved our blog.

All the content from this blog has been moved to our new
address on the web. We will leave this blog up as a byway
to ...

See you there!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Oh how yummy!

This hot little number is actually not a retro treasure. It is the brand spanking new ScandiPhone, with fully capable plug and play components brought to you via UK design house Wild & Wolf.

Available in Red, Black and White, you'll never miss a call again because you can't find the cordless. Or, if you are much like me, have left all cordless handsets off the charger for too long!

See it at ChiChiHome... Take Me There!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Heads Up!

Winnipeg is a City rife with talented artisans and I am fortunate to have met a number of lovely and extremely gifted artists through ChiChi. I often talk about them with customers and friends and have found myself wanting to somehow participate in their journeys. Perhaps my wish for them to be successful is driven by the frustrated artist within me. Never short of ideas but lacking in the ability to execute them, I am always beguiled by the talent and ingenuity of those who have both the aforementioned qualities. How, I find myself wondering, can I help them to open doors to realize their goals and dreams?

Instead of looking for doors to open, I am going to open ours.

We are so pleased to announce our very first Open House event.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August the 6th. We will be opening our doors at 6:30 to present two very special guests.

We'll keep the doors open until 10:00 and will be offering discounted shopping for those who attend.

We will fill you in on all the details later this week.  For those who have signed on to our newsletter, keep an eye open for invitations via email!