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Monday, June 29, 2009

You're SO ChiChi!

Our first run of "Show Us Your ChiChi" has come to a close.

We didn't have many submissions, which kind of threw me because who wouldn't want to be awarded $50 to spend at our house?

We're going to do a second run from July 1st, 2009 to the end of December, 2009. We know that there is all kinds of ChiChi out there - on walls, hanging from ceilings, set on shelves and table tops. And it doesn't matter what it is... Show us your cool mixing bowls at work in your kitchen. Your retro barware being used at a gathering at your place. Send us a snap of your steak branded with the BBQ branding iron. Each submission is eligible for entry into the draw (for a $50 ChiChi gift card!) which closes at end of business on our last day of business in December.

We want to thank all those who chose to share their ChiChi with us. We loved sharing your ChiChi on our blog.

Interestingly enough, our last submission became our first winner! Lets all give a big *woot!* for Taylor as she's the winner of the $50 gift card this time around. Congrats Taylor! You can pick up your gift card any time you like at the front counter. 


I need somebody.

Not just anybody.

No, I'm not channelling Paul McCartney. That would be absurd. He is still living after all.

We've never sent out a call to arms via the blog before but, hey! Why not?

An unexpected change has left us in the position of needing to create a part time position.

Here's the skinny...

We want someone who...

Is friendly and witty and fun!

Loves the store and totally 'gets it'.

Is really, really flexible and responsible.

Doesn't mind working a weekend here and there - hey, we're a retail store!

Creative genius is a bonus for us but not a requirement.

We offer...

A really terrific atmosphere.

Incredibly amazing customers crossing your path on a daily basis.

All the coffee you can drink.

Discount on merchandise (no, you don't have to spend your entire paycheque here though you may want to!).

Roughly 30 hours per month.

Oh, and money. We can discuss that, too.

Barista training included.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in joining us at ChiChi, please give us a call at 219-9991 and we'll arrange to meet over coffee.

As a side note, we have decided to discontinue Sunday shopping. Summer is short (and yucky so far this year). We have families. 'Nuff said.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Love It? Hate It?

Rate It!

A while back we solicited your feedback and suggestions as to how we could improve our webstore.

Today we're going to ask you for yet another favour!

Help us build the webstore into something more than just a store. We want to be a place where people can learn about the products we offer from those who own and/or have used them.

One of the features at our online store is product reviews. I know that my elf and I are fiends for product reviews when we are considering an online purchase. Who can better attest to the quality and usefulness of an item better than someone who actually owns it? It doesn't matter where you purchased the item you are rating, we just want to know what you think of the products we carry.

If you can find the time to submit two publishable reviews, and by that we mean something a tad more than a single word, we will thank you with a $5 in store credit, or - if you are from out of town - a $5 online store credit.

One of the things we pride ourselves on is that we have married a fully stocked physical store with an online store. That means we - Terry, Jana and myself - can answer just about any question about any product. We have a full appreciation of all of our products because we have seen them and handled them.

We are going to begin our own product reviews here shortly. Once a week we will feature a product and provide you with our take on it. While we strive to bring the unique, interesting and treasures of the design world under our roof in Winnipeg, we are not always as chuffed with something as we thought we might be. Among the many decor objects, gifts and housewares items, there are some which don't produce the wow factor we expected, others which don't impart a sense of value for their cost and many which we truly love.

In the meanwhile, please consider the above offer and get busy giving us some feedback at the webstore!

Please note: In order to provide you with your credit we require that you provide us with your name and email address when leaving your reviews. We will not publish your email address or use it for nefarious purposes! There is no limit to the number of legitimate reviews you can submit. A $5 credit will be reserved in our online store or in 'house' according to your preference. Limited to one credit per customer.

She's Tres ChiChi!

Taylor is a young lady with terrific taste and great design sense!  Here, she shows her ChiChi with a pretty Adzif wall graphic adorning her bedroom wall.

We think the Fire Flowers graphic was the perfect choice as it looks like it was made to complement her bedding! 

We love seeing how you've adorned your space with furnishings from our place!  

This episode of show us your ChiChi is coming to a close at the end of business on June 30th.  Up for grabs, by a blind drawing of submissions, is a $50 ChiChi gift card.  Participate by sending us a snap of ChiChi in your house!

Thanks so much, Taylor, for showing us your ChiChi!

Its Alive!

Remember way back when we announced that we were going to have a webstore?  No, we haven't been procrastinating, nor are we slouches.  Bathrobe man...erm, I mean a happy little elf has been toiling away for months now.

A little back story first to give credit where credit is due;  Our happy little elf stayed the course, even after months of effort working with a webstore product which resulted in, well, nothing even remotely acceptable.  

After all of that effort our grumpy happy little elf decided we needed a much better web product and efforts began anew.

Today, we (my elf and I) invite you to peruse the pages of our webstore.  Just click...

There you can shop to your heart's content by category and by brand/designer.  You can create a wish list and share it with whomever you like, subscribe to our Newsletter (which is another new thing we're working on - more to come later!), check out the Spotlight product and even read the blog!  

Out of town shoppers can check on their order status right from the store.  Our local clients, and those planning a visit from out of town soon, can order from the comfort of home and elect to pick up their order at the store (one feature I consider extremely beneficial during our frigid season).

What do you think?

We want to make certain your online shopping experience is enjoyable.  That's where you come in.  Please help us make ChiChiHome a great place to visit on the web.  Peruse the store.  Try out the features.  Then let us know what you think.  

We're still working on our "About Us" page but you can email us your thoughts and ideas by referencing this entry at the webstore.  Just click the @Blogspot tab, and then click here...  Email me!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tickled Orange

We have found the most delicious orange hue and had a batch of outdoor paint whipped up for us. There is no shortage of things to zazz up for the yard and garden and its taking all the restraint I can muster to not paint every single thing in this juicy color.

We've been hunting down wicker and planters and gardening tables destined for a new life and begging for color. Keep your eye open for freshly up-cycled pieces in front of our house... things are being snapped up almost as quickly as we put them out!
The hot summer colors this year, as we see it, are zesty yellow, tangy lime and, of course, lush orange.

Now, we wouldn't recommend you pick up a few gallons of electric lime for your house exterior, but we see these citrus hues as ideal for gardens, decks and patios. They positively pop and add an element of energy and flair.

For the home decor enthusiast, have a peek at what Sico predicts will be the hot interior trends for 2009-2010... Take Me There!