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Monday, June 1, 2009

Tickled Orange

We have found the most delicious orange hue and had a batch of outdoor paint whipped up for us. There is no shortage of things to zazz up for the yard and garden and its taking all the restraint I can muster to not paint every single thing in this juicy color.

We've been hunting down wicker and planters and gardening tables destined for a new life and begging for color. Keep your eye open for freshly up-cycled pieces in front of our house... things are being snapped up almost as quickly as we put them out!
The hot summer colors this year, as we see it, are zesty yellow, tangy lime and, of course, lush orange.

Now, we wouldn't recommend you pick up a few gallons of electric lime for your house exterior, but we see these citrus hues as ideal for gardens, decks and patios. They positively pop and add an element of energy and flair.

For the home decor enthusiast, have a peek at what Sico predicts will be the hot interior trends for 2009-2010... Take Me There!

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