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Monday, June 29, 2009

You're SO ChiChi!

Our first run of "Show Us Your ChiChi" has come to a close.

We didn't have many submissions, which kind of threw me because who wouldn't want to be awarded $50 to spend at our house?

We're going to do a second run from July 1st, 2009 to the end of December, 2009. We know that there is all kinds of ChiChi out there - on walls, hanging from ceilings, set on shelves and table tops. And it doesn't matter what it is... Show us your cool mixing bowls at work in your kitchen. Your retro barware being used at a gathering at your place. Send us a snap of your steak branded with the BBQ branding iron. Each submission is eligible for entry into the draw (for a $50 ChiChi gift card!) which closes at end of business on our last day of business in December.

We want to thank all those who chose to share their ChiChi with us. We loved sharing your ChiChi on our blog.

Interestingly enough, our last submission became our first winner! Lets all give a big *woot!* for Taylor as she's the winner of the $50 gift card this time around. Congrats Taylor! You can pick up your gift card any time you like at the front counter. 

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