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Thursday, March 5, 2009


I've always imagined doldrums as being creatures rather than a mood. 

They'd be grey and kind of lumpy and sad looking.  


A perfect reflection of the mood.  

There's nothing to love about this time of year.  The snow is grey with filth and exhaust fumes.  Most of us are tired of bundling up and there is no way to avoid dragging in sludge and salt and sand.  Never mind what the aforementioned does to ones nice boots!  The only saving grace right now is the days are getting longer and warmer weather has to make an appearance some time in the not too distant future.

As I place orders for spring stock I find myself longing even more for warm gentle breezes rustling through lush green leaves.  Soon, very soon, you will find a plethora of delightful spring and summer stock in the house.  From lovely bath and body goodies to delightful planting starter kits, we are filling the house with summer.  If you are extremely anxious to get started we already have the garden art to get you started.  In the meanwhile, we'll bring you a little cyber-summer...

Are you a garden goddess or a green killing fiend?  

Personally, I find I do well with house plants.  They seem to like me.  As to my outdoor gardens... I think this year I'll solicit the aid of my green thumbed friends.  Style at Home magazine has a fun mini-quiz you can take to determine whether you should be looking for a gardner now before they get all booked up.

ShedBlog, in the UK, spoke with a number of garden designers about what we'll see in garden trends this coming season.  From wildlife shelters and foods taking a prominent place to growing from scratch, there are a number of trends up and coming which make good, green sense.  We have a few little squirrels living within our immediate area and love to watch them.  As mentioned in the article we easily found large bags of peanuts meant specifically for feeding our furry little friends.  Its a symbiotic relationship.  The chicklet and I enjoy watching their antics and they enjoy the peanuts!  For the full article...

They say laughter is the best medicine.  To chase the doldrums away here's a little clip of something I am now determined to try at home...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Insert Maniacal Laughter Here

Last month I had the pleasure of visiting New York City for the International Gift Fair.  Though I didn't have much of an opportunity to do New York-ish things, I did find a veritable treasure trove of incredible products - some of which have made their way to the house already.  

Let me introduce you to our newest additions...

From the delightfully twisted mind of Fred Conlon, and brought to life by his talented hands, scattered hither and yon throughout the house are a variety of creatures you will find puglicious.  Don't go to the dictionary.  I made that word up.  

From the Army Ant to the creme de la creme in this collection of "Garden Art That Doesn't Suck", the Gnome Be Gones, they are at once repulsive and adorable.  Delicious and repugnant.  I want to pick them up and hug them but am afraid of their many pointed teeth.  

Can't you just see this fellow with some pretty flowers spilling out of his maw?

Hungry for a bite of... ankle?  Better feed him some daisies quick!

Carting off their nemesis to a fate unknown.

Ain't she sweet?

Venus Fly Trap complete with magnetic Plug Bug.

Wine caddy.

These fellows are just a taste of the variety to be found in the House.  To fully appreciate them stop in for a latte and to see what else is new!