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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ChiChi ~ Not Just a Girl Thing

I cannot tell you how many times I've seen a couple pop into the House where the male counterpart develops a glazed look in his eyes and then sets off to post himself as temporary doorman. His eagerness for his lady to finish her browsing palpable, he develops a glazed look in his eyes as he wishes he were anywhere else but ChiChi. Being close to the door, we imagine he thinks, means a quicker escape when his woman appears ready to leave.

What he-male, other than the most indulgent and patient, willingly comes to shop at a boutique called ChiChi? No manly-man is all too eager to share with his buddies that he went shopping at ChiChi that afternoon. None but that savvy, that is.

When we encounter this particular species of male we approach them with caution. Caution meaning we foist a coffee upon them and tell them they absolutely must see the mAntique room. After we've coerced them to the virile room we rarely see them skittle back to the front. The assurance that we have guy stuff in the house seems to put them at ease and open them up to the whole experience.

So how do we get it out there that our focus and merchandise isn't strictly for the feminine?

We'll keep on telling you about all the great stuff for guys, that's how. We'll continue to thrust coffees into hands and nudge them further into the house. And we'll ask you to tell everyone you know how ChiChi is also swank, dapper, mod and trig.

Some great stuff for guys...

Toys for Big Boys

From vintage stock market games to old models and whittling projects. From funky designer wind up toys to cool wall graphics of (eek!) bugs. We have an eclectic and ever changing variety of items for the guy who likes to play.

Smooth and Sweet

Private label Manly Man shaving bars and Boathouse soap shine him up and make him all the more kissable! Vintage shaving mugs, brushes, mirrors and straight razors for the bold are also available.

King of the Kitchen

The culinary wizardry he cooks up can be done with added pizazz when he utilizes boldly colored mixing bowls and cool vintage utensils. Or... Fetch him a beer....... a beer apron that is!

Shaken, not Stirred

Vintage barware, as unique as he is, lets him show off his shimmy, er, shaking skills in style.

There you have it! Proof positive that we have things for guys to groove on. There is, of course, more but we don't want to spoil the ChiChi experience by giving it all away here.

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