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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From Tip to Tabletop...

From funk to fabulous, we now have a selection of Innermost's spectacular lighting available.
The Five In One Light - as shown above - is designed to suit your whims. Use all seven sections to create a large pendant or create two smaller lamps. Either way, they add impact to a room.

The Peony Shade adds allure by casting floral shaped light on your walls. Tres romantique for your boudoir!

The reflective quality of the Lighthouse shade casts a bright glow with a hip mood.

Delight in the Delight shade. Butterflies appear to be tearing away from this stunning felt shade which also casts bright slices of wing shaped light on the wall.

Invite your friends and family to color on your walls - provided they stay within the lines! Ideal for a front entry or a child's room, or where ever you think it deserves to be, Jenny Wilkinson's Wallpaper by Numbers adds fifteen feet of fun by way of a funky non-traditional wall border. Available in a number of colors and designs. 

Single stems of flora never looked so sweet! The Stem and Stem Mini each embrace a single flower allowing it to shine in all its glory.

Celebrations sparkle with Wellmade's double wall champagne flutes. The design isn't just sexy, its smart.  The curvature of the inner walls makes sure the bubbly stays bubbly while the outer wall keeps it cool.

The Fantome clock is a stunning addition to a mantle, or a wall if you so choose, with etched glass and mirror making the high polished clock gears fully visible.

And last, but not least, show off your playful side with SOOP's acrylic farm and forest animal rings. Adorable as a single and even more fun stacked to create a scene - is that cow chasing the fox who is about to eat the chicken? 

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  1. You have to see it to really appreciated it! The store has so much to offer, be sure to look in every room and every corner!
    Winnipeg, MB