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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Of Reds and Whites

I've been a die hard Chardonnay fan for most of my adult life.  Red wine and I, well, we just didn't mix.  My taste buds prefer things light and crisp.  I'm certain this has nothing at all to do with an unfortunate experience at a post high school house party and a box of red wine.  But thats another story.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a Pinot Noir which improved my opinion of reds.  It was a delightful wine, smooth and silky, and my taste buds approved.  Since that time I have sampled many reds, typically with the same reaction.  While others savored them I puckered. Perhaps my taste buds are more than just a little persnickety.  

There is a reason, I've always known, that red wine is decanted.  I just didn't buy into it.  It isn't just something a wine snob would do in an attempt to impress.  To a wine aficionado, decanting is imperative simply because it does improve the wine.  Period.  Decanting is done for one of two reasons.  With older wines which have aged in the bottle it is done to remove the sediment which can tarnish the taste and experience of the wine.  With younger wines it is done to aerate them which softens their flavor and improves the bouquet.
Who, though, actually has, or takes, the time to decant their wine?  I typically only have wine when dining out.  If most people follow that same behavior then its not surprising that most people haven't experienced the improvement decanting will have on a wine.  If the dining experience is typically two hours, and properly decanting a wine takes somewhere in the vicinity of an hour and a half, and the babysitter is costing $8 an hour, and you are first time parents, and you have the imagination of Stephen King, and you're pretty sure the house is going to burn to the ground if you don't get home as fast as you can...  Well, is it any wonder we don't bother to have the wine decanted when we're out for dinner?

I've recently been schooled. Big time. In our travels this month we discovered a simple little device which, in all taste tests we performed, improved a variety of wines into perfectly palatable and enjoyable libations.  I am reformed.  So much so that I immediately sought out a distributor so that you too can fully appreciate all that a red wine has to offer.

Let me introduce you to our new dining out companion.   

Vinturi aerates the wine as it is poured.  This elegant looking wine accessory improves the bouquet and taste of a wine instantly.  It can make almost any red "the most romantic of wines, with so voluptuous a perfume, so sweet an edge, and so powerful a punch that, like falling in love, they make the blood run hot and the soul wax embarrassingly poetic."  Although Joel Fleischman (of Vanity Fair fame - and the author of that quote) was talking about Pinot Noir specifically we are confident that Vinturi can make almost any wine seem stellar.

To learn more about the Vinturi aerator visit us at the house or have a look at our website where Vinturi is currently our featured product.  Take me there!


  1. I just wanted to let you guys know how much I love your Vinturi. I came down and bought one yesterday and it works miracles on my husbands homemade wine! What a difference! I can't wait to try it with "real" wine :)

  2. This purchase was actually a lot smarter than I originally intended. Though finishing a bottle of wine in a night doesn't seem to be a problem I have, or why I would need the Vinturi, what I did not realize is that it actually takes out the evil that causes the headaches later. How exceptional is that? Worth every penny!