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Thursday, April 2, 2009

If We Think It, Will It Come?

Spring officially began on March 20th.  Or so says the calendar.

Where, then, are the blooms and buds?  Why is there still white stuff falling from the sky?  Will it never end?

We know it has to.  Eventually.  Some day.

So, before I go on yet another rant about how depressing the weather is and how insane our forefathers must have been to settle in such a place, I am going to dive head first into the (frozen) pool and try, at the very least, to thaw our spirits.

Let us collectively think summery thoughts and perhaps, perchance, it may indeed come....

Midsummer Light, by Tord Boontje, has been in the house for some time with many people now enjoying this whimsical pendant in their homes in Winnipeg.  While I love them all, by far my favorite is the green and yellow.  It evokes a feeling of a summer day with the branches of leafy trees swaying softly in a warm breeze.  

From time to time certain colorways, as they are called, are discontinued on a product in order to make way for new ones.  Sadly, this means the green and yellow Midsummer Light will no longer be produced.  

Happily, there is still stock available and I have topped ours up for our customers who have expressed an interest in adding this delightful shade to their decor in their summer rooms and seasonal cottage homes.  

This is one purchase I will not be putting off as I have envisioned one in my screened in second level gazebo since I moved into the house in the fall.

Oh, to dig in the dirt. 
Many years ago I began my first foray into gardening.  I created a spectacular flower bed for the front of my home and had a lovely vegetable garden in a sunny corner of my back yard.  My potato growing skills were envied by neighbors who wanted to know my secret - of which I had none.  I faithfully tended those gardens, often shunning gloves to truly feel the earth between my fingers.  

My close friends would be surprised to know these things about me as the flowerbeds in my last home were a disgrace - so much so that one friend in particular dubbed my rather tallish weeds "Scottish Heather".  Every spring I started with good intentions.  It was a combination of things, I believe, which made my gardens go to ruin - lack of time and proximity to where most of my days and evenings were being spent, feeling overwhelmed by the quick resurgence of bad growth after killing myself trying to clear it, and a distinct lack of commitment.  That home never felt like "home".  It felt like a way station. 

This year I will be enjoying my yard and engaging the suggestions of my lovely and well practiced friends with the greenest of thumbs.  The Chicklet and I will be planting rows of herbs and vegetables and we will tend them together.  In the house now, and arriving soon, here are some of the new products we will be employing in our commune with urban nature...

Fresh scented Herbal-Mint Gardners hand care products by Upper Canada.

Hand Scrub, Hand Wash and Loofah Soap Bar will not only gently cleanse away the earth from your hands, they will intoxicate you with their aroma.

All About Hands Avocado scented skin care products refresh tired and dry hands beautifully.  

 Hand Wash is complemented by following up with the Hand Lotion.  For intensive care there is the Hand Mask and Night Cream.

Included in Studio Tord Boontje's new line of products (more on this soon!)...  a set of pop up tea light holders dubbed Bright Times.  

Flat packed so that you may participate in that final step of design, each unique tea light holder pops up to cast intricate shadows when in use.  When not in use they make for beautiful decor as they have a doily-like feel to them.  The Spring color collection features four brightly hued colors reminiscent of Easter eggs.  Also available in silver satin or deep gold.

When the earth finally does give way to blossoms and blooms there are a few new products in the house in which you can display your home grown cuttings....

The Dip Vase, by Robert Bronwasser, is an organic shaped collection of cylinders created by using a dipmoulding technique using soft, pliant vinyl. The interior of the cylinders is a bright hue making for a striking object of beauty on its own. With flowers it is even more phenomenal.

Vase Maker is a stroke of genius, we think.  The iconic shaped ceramic vessel perched atop a larger square tile allows you to determine the final look, for the moment, as to how you want your bloom displayed.  Any water holding container will do.  From a coffee cup to a fish bowl to a teapot.  There is no limit to the number of symbiotic relationships you can create.

A now established House product, again by Studio Tord Boontje, Puddles can't help but make you think of spring and summer.  Mirror polished stainless steel shapes add a touch of refined whimsy to any wall.

I know we recently blogged about the garden art, but how can we not include it again here?

And if this isn't enough to bring mother nature to her senses I have a few suggestions as to how to keep your mind off the white stuff beyond your window...

Buddha Board.  

The concept of Zen is living in the moment.  With the Buddha Board you simply paint on the surface with water.  Your creation is only temporary so enjoy it as you watch your bold brush strokes evaporate into nothingness.

To further engage your creative nature, and bring some luscious summery scents indoors, create a little chalkboard art with Mine Design's Chalkboard Candles.

Included with your beautifully boxed candle are three colors of chalk.  Clean burning soy wax candles offer a generous 35+ hour burn time and are presently available in three refreshing scents;  Ginger Citrus, Persian Fig and Pomegranate.  

If all else fails, come down to the House and we'll try to warm your spirits with a latte.  If you're still feeling blue we'd suggest picking out a Mozey Rue Stinker to take home to cuddle until our corner of the world finally thaws.

Stinkers are one of a kind creations, each one hand made by local artisan Mozey Rue. We presently have just over twenty little guys in the house awaiting adoption. Get your favorite before he's gone.


  1. The chalk board candles are perfect for year end unique gifts for teachers!!! Thanks.

  2. These are a great take on the classic and never boring "sock monkey". Perfect personality and colors!

  3. I bought your soap for my husband, and it actually took the grease off his hands after working in the garage. Nice product. It even made him smell good (which is not an easy task)!