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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Gift Guide ~ The Love of Your Life

Its The Little Things.

Life, in general, isn't comprised of a series of great, big events. Great big events are typically the defining moments in our lives... buying your first car. Taking possession of your first house. Getting married. Having a baby, or three. We remember these things well as they alter and impact our lives in a drastic way. What shapes us, and influences the Big Events, are the little things.

I know. Cliche. But true.

If the man you marry turns out to be a couch potato with the tv remote grafted to his hand - that is what will define your marriage twenty five years down the road. If, on the other hand, he brings you flowers now and again (cliche again - but sweet nonetheless), tells you how happy he is he found you, makes conversing with you a priority over that Cheers or Mash re-run and, in many other ways, makes you aware that he appreciates and loves you... you will likely weather inevitable storms together and do it well. Twenty five years down the road you will likely still feel like a honeymooner.

It really is the little things that make a difference. Which is why we paid special attention to little somethings when searching for sweet things to stuff a stocking with. Here are six ways you can say "I adore you." "You really are special." "I was paying attention."

Share your music - up close and personal.


SplitterBot looks to me like he's about to lose his head over a big crush - wide eyed and trying his best to impress with a cool smile. Actually he's ready to lose his head for you and your crush. Load up her (or his) mp3 player with 'your songs', pop off SplitterBot's head and plug him in to the player, insert two sets of ear buds into the ports and snuggle up together to trip down memory lane.

Say it and say it again...

Nothing warms the cockles (what, exactly IS a cockle anyway?) like hearing those magical three words. You can never hear that too many times. When you're not around to say it, let this little sprout say it for you. Laser etched bean lets love bloom with its sweet sentiment.

Saving for something special?

I hear, from time to time, "we're going light on gifts this year cuz we're saving for.... a house, a vacation, our wedding". Celebrate that commitment with a Nest Egg. Big, beautiful and clean ceramic egg with a wide slot for deposits. Um, but you have to actually break this bank to get the goods out. That seems like a waste, and a shame because it really is pretty to look at. What to do? Save your deposit slips! When you've reached your savings goal, make a note and date the egg. Then keep it somewhere special where it will tweak memories of that special occasion!

Take a cooking class together.

I like to cook but I'm not good enough to teach anyone else. I can suggest it, though, as a great couple gift. And a great way to spring that on your love is by tucking a note, or certificate, into something more substantial than an envelope. Say.... the Intelligent Apron! What makes it so smart? Little things, always little things! Like... the button adjustable neck loop. The elasticized ties (I hate 7 miles of tie to trip over on an apron). The buttons on the bib for hanging dish towels (clever!) and the split apron with (are you ready for this?) built in oven mitts!

Add a little ambience to your ambiance.

I don't have to tell you candle light sets a mood. Usually a warm, tender mood. A Chalkboard candle, a delightfully scented soy wax chalkboard candle, can make everyone in proximity glow with a sweet sentiment on prominent display. Use the included chalk to draw a picture of love, suggest something naughty, write a poem or simply say "I love you". Wipes clean so you can share your mutual admiration. Burn time of the candle is approximately 30 hours. Vessel can be used forever more.



Rejoice that you found each other. In this big old world disappointment is relatively easy to find. I believe that every convivial couple is a miracle of sorts. A line from one of my favourite movies goes something like this... "Two people could be across the room from each other and never find each other. Two others could be on opposite ends of the world... and nothing could keep them apart." One bottle of something sparkly. Two beautifully quirky glasses. And thou.

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