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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Live! From...

...errm, Winnipeg!

Okay, so that's not some grand opera house in Manhatten. But it is on Broadway. Just not the Broadway.

So - it seems I never got around to posting from New York. My intentions were good. Honestly. But the show was huge and time was short.

The very first thing I wanted to share was a snap of our accommodations. Having just mentioned the new trend of using wallpaper in unusual applications, say... like on ceilings, wasn't I surprised to find the ceiling of our room wallpapered! It was actually quite nice, though I wouldn't consider using it in that fashion unless I had at least 10 foot high ceilings. It seemed to compress the space somewhat.

We managed to complete a five day show in three days thanks to my drill sergeant better half cracking the whip urging me on starting a half an hour before I went to bed early in the morning and non-stop throughout the day.

As an aside, it is truly amazing the punishment one's feet can endure. Granted, there were moments when I had to promise them a proper pampering with a luxurious pedi to get them to keep going. Note to self: Never wear new shoes to a show again. Or to New York. Or, ever (Okay, not likely. I think most of us know how much I love the art of the shoe.).

Our House is going to be a hub of activity starting the end of this month and the UPS man is going to feel ever so special as he's greeted with squeals of delight each time he walks in the door.

We found a host of terrific new lines, incredible luxe goods by accomplished designers and some truly clever new items we think you're going to love.

I'm going to put up a 'sneak peek' of some of our finds every day this week... the rest you'll have to see for yourself. You may want to begin frequently checking the "New" page at our online shop as new products are listed there as soon as they arrive. Take me there!

Today's teaser...

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