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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Gift Guide: Moms

21 shopping days left!

She's the person (yes, moms are people, too!) who nurtured and taught and fed and cleaned and loved you better than anyone.  She endured nine months suffering from a variety of pregnancy side effects from swollen ankles the size of tractor tires to vomiting in her handbag at the mere whiff of someone's cologne.  She spent how many hours in labor with you?  Don't you DARE even think about getting her something which plugs in or some same-old, same-old schmaltzy gift from the mall.  That woman deserves something SPECIAL.

We have special.  And unique.  

We're here to help you find something she'll truly appreciate.  Something that says "Thank you for all you did and continue to do."  And... "You know, you were right about that jerk not being good enough for me."  And... "I'm sorry I was such a pain as a teenager." 

Thinking of You.

Tord Boontje's vessel wraps say "I Love You" in beautiful style.  Thinking of You Here, Now and Always are flat wrapped to involve the recipient in the final stage of the design process.  Each wrap is assembled (very easily) into a stunning piece which mom can then place over an old jelly jar to create a beautiful vase.  The high polish and matte finishes are designed to take on a patina over time which makes them even more beautiful than their shiny new selves.  Tuck one in a bouquet of mom's favorite flowers.  This is something she'll use and display all year long, as it is simply stunning on its own, and every time she sees it she'll think of you thinking of her.

We're not trying to run a floral theme, but moms DO love flowers.  I think it stirs something from the time when their children were small and awed by the wild abundance of Dandelions which they picked with gusto.  What moms love best about flowers, I think, is that eventually their kids get older and realize that a bouquet of wildflowers are much preferable to a handful of wilted Dandelions.  Wait a minute.  Maybe not.

Whatever flora you fresh pick for your mom, Innermost's Ghost Vase is an exceptional vessel for her to display them in.  Too bad Dandelions are out of season.  I think they'd make a nice, sentimental touch.

 Bejewel her with special adornments.

From one of a kind pieces by local artisans to Melissa Borrel's Pop Out jewelry, we have a wonderful selection to show mom how special she is.

Donna Guiboche is a talented lady who works magic with copper and sterling silver wire.  Donna's unique designs run from the bold to the sublime, delicate to heavy and funky.  She also creates a custom line for us.  Early in our relationship with Donna we were so impressed with her craft that we bestowed upon her a box of vintage jewelry comprised of lampwork, glass, crystal and bone beads.  She has deconstructed these pieces and reworked them into remarkable pieces we call Vintage Made Modern.

Cindy and Carey are sisters who utilize vintage buttons and other findings to make lovely personal accoutrements such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets, cell phone charms and keyrings.  We love that their designs range from sophisticated to funky.

Melissa Borrell's Pop Out pieces are truly stunning modern pieces with a retro feel.  Again, and as we are seeing more of in the design world, the recipient is involved in that final stage of design.  The high gloss powder coated steel or gold plated pieces are popped out of their 'frame' and then strung on the Sterling chain or ear wires.  Beautiful!

A bag to last forever!

Neumatica creates the most amazing purses from car and truck tire inner tubes.  Sound strange?  The only odd thing about these one of a kind purses is that someone didn't think of it before now.  Rubber inner tubes take hundreds of years to decompose.  Reworking this material into a beautiful, everyday useful object is earth friendly and smart - who hasn't yearned for an indestructible purse?  Each bag is entirely unique as the relationship between tire and tube, when in service on a vehicle, imprints a one of a kind pattern on the tube.  The visible branding lends an industrial edge to a sophisticated bag and you may even find one with a patch or the inflation tube attached!  Available in a variety of styles, we have imported these bags direct from Argentina and the only place in Canada where you'll be able to find one for your mom is.... our house.

We also carry a large variety of home decor items, personal accessories and pristine vintage kitchen ware.  You are certain to find something as uncommonly special as your mom in our House.  So - ditch the mall.  Stop by our house.  Take your time thinking about the things your mom deserves in her stocking while enjoying a delicious latte - on us, of course!

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