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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Gift Guide: Teens

We love it when the teen set discover the store with their parents.  They walk in the door looking like they barely have just one nerve left after being forced to go on yet another boring shopping jaunt.  Then they see some something that they think is pretty cool.  And then another something.  And by the time they reach the middle of the house they are gobsmacked and making a list of must haves.  On their way out the door many of them have mentally redecorated their rooms and zazzed up their lockers at school.  

Wall Graphics

Montreal based A*DZIF creates wall graphics with pizzazz.

Featuring a number of different lines, with something for everyone, they have a great line which will pop and personify your teen's personal space.  

Easy to apply, non permanent and visually appealing, vinyl graphics make for terrific, and inexpensive, wall art - especially when you just know that they are going to want to redecorate their rooms again next year!

An explosion of stretchy tubular mesh creates a stunning effect in any room!  Shades available in red or white.

Midsummer Light

Tord Boontje's whimsical light shade adds a beautiful touch to any decor.  Available in fading red (shown), white on white, green & yellow and fading lilac.


Are you forever hollering at your teen to get their fanny out of bed?  Save yourself the grief while saving your vocal chords.  Clocky is just the little guy to encourage them to get up.  Clocky allows one snooze only.  After that he rolls off the bedside table (his big rubber wheels keep him safe) and roams.  If you want to quiet him you have to get out of bed and chase him down.  Clocky adds an element of fun, nay hilarity, to your household morning routine.  He'll do the work of getting your teen out of bed while you sit and sip your morning cup of elixir.  

Mini Chandeliers

Ooh!  Pretty!  Bright led lights make these mini chandeliers shine!  Battery operated - with an optional dc outlet to save on batteries, these little lights zazz up any space - a school locker, an office cubicle, a desk nook.  Lovely little stocking stuffers in black, clear or pink.

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