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Thursday, September 17, 2009

We Say...


The Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator has become one of our most popular items, and with good reason.

Not so long ago I did not drink red wines.  It was a rarity when I would encounter one I truly enjoyed.  Decanting, I've since learned, is essential for young red wines.  It isn't, as I mistakenly assumed, just for show.  I may be the only person on the planet who suffered from red wine ignorance, but I've been schooled.  Big time.

My guy and I discovered Vinturi quite by happy accident and am I ever glad we did.

Properly decanting wine is primarily a waiting game.  

Expose the greatest amount of surface area of the wine to the air by pouring it in to a decanter...  

Then wait.  

For an hour... 


an hour and a half.  

Once decanted, the bouquet of red wine opens up.  The tannins soften which removes what I called the bite of wine (which is what always prevented me from enjoying it).  Decanting softens the wine and exposes flavors one might not otherwise notice.

But who wants to wait an hour and a half?  Not us.  Which is why I never fully appreciated the complexities of a good red before.

And this is where the Vinturi comes in....

This fantastic wine gadget will fully aerate your wine, by the glass or by the bottle, in mere seconds.  There is nothing extraordinary you must do except pour!  We like to say the Vinturi has an audio feature as it makes a unique slurping sound, not unlike that a sommelier might make when sampling a wine.

What we like about it...

It has a simple, clean appearance with the upper bowl resembling a wine glass.

Vinturi comes with a thoughtful stand which will catch the drips and a little drawstring bag so that you can take it out with you (we take ours to restaurants all the time).

It really works and it works really well.  In fact, there is nothing we don't like about it so we say...

Its Hot!

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