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Monday, April 11, 2011


Hey!  It's me!


I'm never sure how to begin after a long time away from the blog.  I've found myself, in past, yammering excuses and apologies and trying to segue into a topic from there.  This time... I'll just say it...  I've been lazy and distracted.  There.


Now that that's out of the way....


<p>Winter to spring animation from Koos Dekker on Vimeo.</p>


Spring has finally arrived and we're loving it!  The streets of the Exchange are busy again with winter weary people seeking fresh air and sunshine.  More new businesses have opened including a small grocer and the Free Press Cafe (and I heard the food is terrific).  I finally got a chance to grab dinner at Deseo and it was out of this world amazing!  Stock is rolling in from our last visit to the International gift show in New York.  There is plenty to be excited about - both in the happenings in the Exchange and in the boxes we're breaking open!




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