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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gotta Have It Now Treasure ... Turquoise!

When we made the decision to move to 515 Osborne we didn’t realize how much shopping we needed to do to fill our new home! So, ever the brave ones, we faced the challenge head-on. Now, before I wax poetic about what we found, I have to say that both Kathy & I have developed the most powerful affinity for vintage turquoise – our new gotta-have-it colour. You'll see deep turquoise on our ChiChi Powder Room, you'll see it peppered throughout the store. And isn't it funny that once you get something, you see it everywhere? Like buying a blue Toyota Rav4, then driving by several on your way home. I even thrilled to see a version of it in the new Campbell's Soup commercial with the 2 boys in the vintage inspired kitchen (much like our Kitsch'n).

So imagine our thrill with what we found – a plethora of Midwinter Cassandra dishware! Never before had we clapped eyes on such an extensive collection, a veritable visual feast, and in excellent condition too. Yummy dishes. Cups. Saucers. Gravy Boat. TWO Lidded Casserole Dishes. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Now for the history lesson. The Midwinter factory was started in 1910 by Roy Midwinter's father, William Robinson Midwinter in the Bournes Bank Pottery factory in Stoke-on-Trent, England. The factory quickly outgrew the space and relocated to the Albion Pottery in 1914.

Although producing nothing especially unique, the factory prospered until the 2nd World War. Roy Midwinter joined the company in 1946 and injected the life & creativity into the company that targeted the younger generation, who after the years of rationing were eager to embrace all things new & modern. Kicked off by The Festival of Britain in 1951, the 50s and 60s were a very exciting and innovative period in the world of ceramic design inspiring Midwinter’s designers' patterns, and fluid shapes. The company eventually ceased operating as such in the 1980’s, ergo a truly collectible collection was born.

Okay, school’s over!

The next tasty morsel I’d like to share with you is the dandy little early 50’s Wade Golden Turquoise Brambleware pintray we found. Although it was available in Emerald Gold and Gold Blush too, the Golden Turquoise is my fave. Each piece is embossed with a brambleware pattern, highlighted with gold. Our highly collectible pintray (depicted in the middle of the photo) is in excellent condition.

Interestingly, these pieces were marked with an ink stamp made entirely of tooled brass. This stamp was dipped in gold ink and stamped onto the piece. Some Golden Turquoise pieces with double backstamps were single glazed pieces of Brambleware from 1953 with added gold to help boost sales. If you have Wade and want more info, you can check out

Added to these remarkable pieces, in the House of ChiChi you’ll find so much more vintage turquoise treasure including a melamine salt & pepper set, table linens, the Hankscraft vapourizer, an unopened Bridge set – yes – unopened, M.I.P. etc., etc., etc. Really, what are you waiting for?
Miss P.

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