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Sunday, February 24, 2008

When Eras Collide

Someone, I cannot find the source, is quoted on another blog as saying "I don't see Vintage as a trend; it's a style with no end!" I'd very much like to credit the individual responsible as I've been in agreement with that remark for as long as I can remember. At the tender age of 18 I discovered the timeless beauty of 50's cocktail dresses, gorgeous rhinestone baubles and the funk factor in early 50's kitschy kitchen ware.

Vintage has been 'in vogue' off and on since that time. But has it ever really been out of vogue? Each new generation, when coming of age, seems to embrace one era or another. Currently, many young twenty-somethings seek out finds from the 70's and they are also embracing timeless mid-century modern designs. As to how I feel about the 70's being considered 'Vintage', I'll try not to harp on it. That was my coming of age time. I will continue to try to not associate Vintage style with my being 'vintage'. Some of us grow old gracefully, others are, shall we say, not so gracious.

The Vintage trend has been growing in popularity as evidenced in interior design, home paint colors for 2008, Haute Couture runway shows and, tonight, it is expected to be seen on the red carpet at the Oscars. Angelina Jolie was snapped sporting (and doing it oh so well) a vintage Hermes by Jean Paul Gaultier gown at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last month. According to the article a high end Vintage boutique in L.A. has since been swamped with stars looking for something special to flaunt on the red carpet tonight. Have a peek at the article linked below, enjoy the Academy Awards Show tonight and we'll compare notes tomorrow as to who we saw embracing Vintage style.


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