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Monday, February 25, 2008

Starry, Starry Night

Wowsers. The glam. The glitz. The coifs. The couture.

Last night the Academy Awards were a veritable feast for the eyes. Everybody dressed in their finest (with the rare exception - Tilda Swinton, what were you *thinking*?), and finished off like wedding cakes in dramatic and dazzling accoutrements (Nicole Kidman's layers of sparklies were over the top and quite probably my fave). But where was the vintage?

With all the hubbub over Angelina's choice of gown last month the buzz was that we could expect to see a bevvy of beauties donning vintage Gaultier and Versace. Apparently not. Although the gowns bespoke of eras gone by they were new creations by the masters of Haute Couture.

Vintage did make some appearances but it was primarily in jewelry; Calista Flockhart, bless her heart, donned a vintage ice-blue goddess gown from Rare Vintage. Keri Russell's strapless dress popped with an H.Stern vintage floral necklace from the private vault of Hans Stern. Jennifer Garner wore a Van Cleef & Arpels 1928 Art Deco Diamond Necklace and a 1925 Art Deco Diamond Bracelet, Jessica Alba sported a 1960's Diamond Shell Motif Bracelet and 1959 Diamond Feather Motif Bracelet and Renee Zellweger wore Cartier - a 1930's Art Deco Diamond Bracelet.

On a side note, I simply have to offer a nod to Diablo Cody for being brave enough to buck the princess gown trend in being true to her own unique self and style.

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