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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Congrats to Cindy and Carey!

(Faye's great buy)

Sweetest sisters Cindy and Carey got great press this weekend past!

The current issue of Winnipeg Woman Magazine featured a charming piece on the button jewelry designs hand crafted by the girls - complete with accompanying photos. This latest issue of the mag was included as an insert in Saturday's home subscription edition of the Winnipeg Free Press. That brought the sisters into the homes of over 160,000 subscribers!

That afternoon Cindy and Carey dropped by the store with a sumptuous spring collection for us. We were delighted when a woman came in to the store, while the girls were still visiting, seeking out their jewelry after reading the article just that morning! Not only was she able to meet the artists live and in person, she was also able to put in a special request and Cindy and Carey were both charming and accommodating. We've had, in the past two days, a number of people stop in specifically to view or purchase from the newest collection. One of our favourite customers, Faye, also stopped in for a moment on Saturday and was delighted to see the article and revel in the fact that she made the very first purchase of a bracelet in gorgeous greens when we first introduced the Cindy and Carey line in our house.

The latest pieces are absolute must sees - we haven't had a chance to get photos to accompany this installment on the blog, but we can link you to the article!

Take me there!

Come visit us at our House and treat yourself to a pretty spectacular piece of Cindy and Carey jewelry.

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