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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Moms! Like Dads Only... er... they're moms...

Jiggers! Is it that time of year again? Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I’m excited! Although many perceive Mother’s Day as just another Hallmark Holiday, it's actually been around in some form or another for hundreds, dare I say thousands of years. Kat and I both have two of the coolest moms around who deserve to be honoured so we are not of the Hallmark mentality. And pleased as punch we ChiChi Chicks were to join the ranks of the dedicated moms who spit-wash their kids on the go! We have both been blessed with crazy lovely wonderful girls of our own, our little ChiChi Chicklets. For them Mother’s Day is fun! They busily craft and dream up their own little ways to celebrate. They also go on little shopping trips with their dads to choose their own special gifts for us but that’s the subject matter of a whole ‘nother blog!

Although Anna Jarvis, one of the original founders of Mother’s Day in the U.S.A., never intended for Mother’s Day to be commercial that is what it has become, but we can work with that. So what do you give Mom that will reflect the depth of your feelings for her? Depends, do you want to break the bank? If your mom is anything like my mom she would be upset with you if you did that. Now, if you took hours and hours and hours to burst forth into the world, and you’ve challenged your mother every minute of every day since, maybe you DO want to break the bank, a bit.

So what do you get her? ChiChi can be achieved at any price and although you can’t go wrong with anything at our house, we have some ideas:

From Piggy Bank ChiChi to Platinum

Vintage Aprons priced from $5 to $50, many to choose from but, she may think you’re implying that you want her to cook for you …

Occupied Japan Figurines priced from $8 to $25. These figurines were made over a 5 year period using the same techniques employed by Italian craft masters. Highly collectible, values are based on object size and type of “Occupied Japan” stamp.

Tord Boontje’s Fairytails Greeting Card priced @ $8.50. Zazz for only $8.50!

Upcycled ChiChic Jewelry priced from $25 to $180 – many options in this price range from Donna Guiboche’s reworked vintage pieces, to Cyndi & Carey’s vintage button jewelry to our latest artisan’s spoon jewelry by Echo.

Bottle stoppers priced at $16 – add a bottle of champagne and a bottle of fresh squeezed orange juice, pop it all in a pretty planter et voila!

How about presenting her with an empty mayo or jam jar (preferably clean), a blossom, and Tord Boontje's Thinking of You Vessel Wrapper? Lots of impact for $28 and up!

New, yet Vintage, “Mother” be-fringed satin pillowcases with velvet flocked wording. Available in either the one-sided version with a poem entitled “Mother” for $35, or the two-sided version with “Mother” on one side and the poem on the other for $45.

Espe Handbags priced to $60. Sure, you could buy her flowers but Espe already adorns many of their bags and wallets with flowers and you don’t have to water them!

Tord Boontje anything priced to $180 – unique and new to Winnipeg, guaranteed that this line from Artecnica will wow her.

Failing all that, (although really, is that possible?) give us a budget and we can assemble a one-of-a-kind gift basket at almost any price, or better yet, maybe Mom would like to pick out her own gift using the very ChiChi gift certificate you presented to her.

Did you know it was once custom to wear a carnation on Mother's Day? A coloured carnation means that the person's Mother is living. A white carnation indicates that a person's mom has passed away. In celebration of our Moms, our children’s moms, and all moms be they out picnicking, sleeping in on their special day, or what have you,
ChiChi will be closed on Sunday, May 11th.
Happy Mother's Day!

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