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Friday, April 11, 2008

At A Loss for Words....

Yep. You read that right. Us. We two. Her and me, She and I.

Probably just simple overstimulation today.

You see, we were just kickin' around the House, doin' this and that and the other thing when a Canada Post truck pulled up in front of the store. The woman swooped in with two boxes from Texas and we knew those boxes were full of fun and funky things and we tore into those boxes and oooh'd and ahhhh'd and wow'd and felt pretty much spent after all the excitement died down. After we came to our senses, and as we were just about to set up a few of the new treasures for display, another delilvery person came through our door. And so it began again in earnest. Because we love the new stuff. Because we can hardly wait for you to see it! Because it is really just the begining of us defining who we are and what ChiChi is. Because it is going to get even better as we open our doors to delivery people from hither and yon bearing boxes with amazing things within.

Whatever are we ranting about - we who aren't so mute after all?

Two fabulous new product lines, that's what! Let us introduce you...

You may have laid eyes on an Espe purse or wallet and thought "Wow! How cute!". You may have thought the lucky lady swinging that sweet bag picked it up on a trip to Toronto or Chicago. But chances are better than good she picked it up right here in Manitoba. We've been working to source things that you simply cannot find in Winnipeg but Espe's line of bags and accessories was far too cool to pass up on. The bold use of rich vintage inspired colors, the kitschy yet oh-so-cute characters embellished on some, the quiet sophistication of others, the reasonable price point AND that Espe is a Canadian company made it impossible to pass up on an opportunity to carry their line. The bags are a super soft synthetic material which feels like buttery leather. The material is superior for use in our cold climate; it won't stiffen up and crack like some synthetic materials will with exposure to our harsh weather. But, it is the chic playfulness and terrific design which make these bags and accessories hard to buy - hard to buy, that is, if you are only letting yourself choose one!

Aren't they sublime? Are you ready for more? Prepare to be wow'd by just a smattering of what we now have in store!

There has been, for awhile now, a trend where people have been adorning their walls with vinyl wall stickies comprised of cute and inspiring sayings. Yes, it is clever. Sure it's cute. But it is just so... not art. It's not that we don't like it. It's just not art. There are also endless numbers of places in Winnipeg where you can find it. What you can't find, rather... couldn't find until *now*, were clever artistic wall graphics. We have found an amazing company, based in Texas, with a formidable selection of wall graphics to choose from. One-Up Designs has provided us with extraordinary service, takes obvious pride in their product and packaging and is extremely thoughtful about the end-user. The vast array of graphics and generous number of colours to select from puts the fun in funky home decor. We applied some to our walls today and have to say it couldn't be easier (even though we completely ignored the instructions and applied them to a slightly bumpy wall). We love them, the lucky folks who happened through the store today love them, and we're pretty sure you are going to love them as well! There is a huge selection of Mini's to choose from, as well as large graphics, and there are endless possibilities as to what they can be applied to! We think One-Up Designs is going to do really well for themselves and we are more than just a tad proud to be the only retail store in Winnipeg, nay, in Manitoba, carrying their products. Here's a small sampling of what you can find in the store...

We are cranked about these new product lines, and the ones we are still waiting on delivery of. We have also been working on the front room to make it on the stick for the new merchandise and it will continue to be redefined as new products come in. Be sure to drop in soon for a coffee and a looky loo - we're pretty sure you'll find something you want to take home with you. The ChiChi house is quickly becoming Fat City!

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