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Monday, April 7, 2008

Can't you just smell it??

Well the snow is well on its way to becoming but a memory of the winter of Aught 7/Aught 8. The grass is already green on some lucky lawns and greening on others. Can you smell it in the air yet? Yes! It's wedding-planning season! It occurred to me on Saturday when two of our favourite customers dropped in to see what is new & ChiChi that we are overdue in addressing the betrothed and affianced.

Jen & Mike (the last names have been withheld because I don't know what they are but join Kathy & me in congratulating them - they are the CUTEST engaged couple) were enquiring as to whether or not we offer gift certificates so they could request them in place of wedding gifts which they could cash in to select from our ever-changing bounty. Of course we offer gift certificates in any denomination! Although we haven't figured out how to do a traditional registry yet since our stock includes many unique vintage items, we will don our thinking caps.

In the meantime, we realize there are countless bridal magazines, and websites, and aunts, and moms, etc. who are bombarding you with advice and suggestions, yet we feel we would be remiss if we did not join in the clamour.
Now really, this IS your mother's big day. So why not assign her the task of recreating the perfect fresh, fun, fifties-style wedding? Just think of the party favours and vintage cake toppers that she could be looking for or recreating while you sip Pink Ladies with your gal pals and source out cool hair-dos. Don't forget the Dippity Do!

Well by now you likely have found the photographer of your dreams, but say you haven't. You absolutely must check out Carrie Ekosky's site, her link is at left. Carrie's keen eye and artistic flair are unrivaled. That said, she is highly sought-after and possibly booked but take a chance!

If you're looking for a unique wedding gift, we likely have it, and we have it in spades. Gorgeous vintage barware, remarkably beautiful mixing bowls (yes - I used "beautiful" to describe "mixing bowls"), a complete set of pink Melmac dinnerware, a vintage Kitchen Queen (you have to see this), etc.


Pristine vintage Irish linens, FireKing bakeware, vintage aprons, retro-inspired coasters, sassy fridge magnets, chalkboard for the supper list, risqué Mrs. Cleaver peignoirs, chenille blankets, etc.

And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

That's right. That's what I said. "A silver sixpence in her shoe". That is originally the last line in the old rhyme and, considering a sixpence was about the size of a dime, it makes me wonder what kind of torture those poor brides would have had to endure on their wedding day. I know that a small chip of a pebble in my shoe feels mighty uncomfortable but that's just me.

I've searched all over the internet for the origin of this bride's lucky list and although there has been much written, blogged, and discussed, the best I can glean is that this rhyme was already in use in late Victorian times and appeared in an 1894 edition of the Pennsylvania "Warren Ledger" where it was identified as a 'Puritan Marriage Custom'.

In the meantime we can certainly fill most of the bride's lucky list requirements.

"Something Old" symbolizes a link to the bride's family and their past. The item most often will be a family heirloom, that the bride will wear or carry on her wedding day. Perhaps a piece of jewelry or a hanky from Grandma... If you don't have something at the ready, picture a lovely pair of minty vintage white gloves. Or perhaps a piece or two of gorgeous ChiChi vintage jewelry.

"Something New" represents good fortune and success, for a wonderful new life. A bride may choose to say her shoes are new or use her wedding gown as the new item. Many choose to wear a new piece of jewelry that will become Something Old at one of their future children's weddings. Donna Guiboche's jewelry collection would be the perfect choice to accent any wedding gown from a modern Vera Wang dress to a more traditional gown.

"Something Borrowed" symbolizes the love and support of family and friends in times of need. A borrowed object can be a token from friend, such as a lace hanky. Again a wonderful piece of jewelry, to be used just for the day. Sorry, you'd have to talk to your mom, grandmother, sister, friend, cousin, favourite cross-dresser, to borrow this one.

Something Blue" is an object that symbolizes faithfulness and loyalty. Most brides will choose a blue garter or ribbon. Many have blue added to their flowers. You could also consider a vintage hanky with touches of blue in perfect condition. Or, at the risk of sounding repetitive, we do have some lovely pieces of jewelry. Donna Guiboche as well as Cyndi & Carey (our vintage button jewelry ladies) have both created unique, one-of-a-kind pieces by combining old with new and blue colours too! If you don't see what you want, ask, we may have some of our more special pieces tucked away.

"A Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe," is a blessing for wealth. May I suggest a local coin dealer?

The Wedding Singer (1998), Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Member of the Wedding (1953), Father of the Bride (1950), and the piece-de-resistance: Are You Ready for Marriage? (1950) Here's the link to this all-important educational short film from the fifties... Take me there!

One of the things that slows me down when I blog is the search all over the internet for information and reference sites. At the risk of getting lost in the search and never publishing this most informative and timely narrative, I decided to stop here with the strongest of intent to continue this one-sided discussion in a Part 2 fashion, mayhaps next week. Stay tuned for more gems in this series to include yet more gift suggestions, recipes of yesteryear, delightful weblinks, etc. In the meantime, here are a couple of sites that I'd like to share with you but by all means, search on my friends, search on.

Planning Your Vintage WeddingTake me there!
A Super Sweet 50's Style WeddingTake me there!
Annette Funicello sings :Teenage Wedding"Take me there!(need sound on for this little treat)
Miss P

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