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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend Bag, Baby

Whilst eyeballing prior posts one can't help but notice we take a fair amount of artistic licence in deliberately butchering grammar and that we pepper topics quite liberally with slang.

You may have scratched your head over a phrase or two, particularly in the 'Speechless' post (and we are still flipping over the radioactive goods), wondering "What in the holey donut is that supposed to mean?"

Sometimes, after a day at the House and a night at home, we sit down late into the night and dive into the blogging. Sometimes - while looking over what we've written - we notice that we've temporarily lost the synapses connection which allows us to access the thesaurus in our heads. It's supposedly a perfectly normal phenomenon at this stage in life, wacky hormones make for unzipped grey matter. But we're not making excuses. No Siree. Not us. For the most part we don't sweat it. After all, there is a world of lexicon at our fingertips. When we find we're being drips with the wordage we can easily bop off to any one of a number of sites, most notably, to access synonyms galore.

Slang is the most fun to use. And it was a blast to research.

Many slang terms have crossed over generations and can be heard in the slanguage of teens today (and they no doubt think we're yawns for using the same slang even though it well outdates them).

We were a little surprised by how long some of the jargon has been in use. We were mostly delighted with developing an arsenal of ducky terms to pepper our posts with. It's the bee's knees. Here are a dozen of our faves for you to peruse as you idle with your morning ink.

On the stick: Pulled together (1950's)

Ground Grippers: Shoes (1940's)

Hairy: Large; out of control (1960's)

Cheaters: Eyeglasses (1920's)

Togged to the bricks: Dressed up (1930's)

Dig: Do you understand? (1960's)

Kippy: Neat (1930's)

Gammin': Strutting, showing off (1940's)

Handcuff: An engagement ring (1920's)

Bug out: Leave the premises (1960's)

Fat City : A great thing or place; Happy (1950's)

Lastly, as Baloo the bear said, in the Hippest Disney film in existence, we are "Gone, man.... solid gone."

If you want to expand your patios with a plethora of vintage slang, take a trip over to alphadictionary and browse through decades to your heart's content. There is a great search feature and the jargon you find is positively boffo.

Take me there!

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