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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ode to Green

Oh no, I'm not here to get all preachy on you about recycling and reusing and repurposing. Granted, that's part of what we're all about at ChiChi, but we certainly don't have to harp on it every time we blog.

It just so happens that, recently, every time I turn around I'm bumping into something green, which is either purely coincidental or some strange cosmic energy at work. Or, it could simply be that I've been finding myself smitten with the color green this season and that adoration is translating itself into my noticing it more often than I would notice, say, red things.

So - in honor of my new found affinity for the color green - I bring you the following tidbits for your amusement...

Whilst perusing the news today I found an article about a yellow lab puppy which was born with a green coat of fur. As if one green dog isn't newsworthy enough, while searching for a link with a better picture I found yet another recent news article of a different puppy which was born green! Not quite the phenomenon once you read the vet's explanation but I won't spoil it for you.

Take me there!

And to see the second pup... Take me there!

I love to while away hours in bookstores and while doing so recently I noticed, and almost bought....

But then I thought about green food coloring and a seven year old chicklet in my kitchen and passed. Seems, though, according to an older New York Times review of children's cookbooks, that green food coloring is nowhere to be found in the pages of this tome. Take me there!
The article suggests, in fact, that the recipes within the pages are more complicated than most adults are willing to tackle and that, though the recipe names and illustrations are more than kid friendly, the recipes aren't likely to be embraced by a kid lacking the patience and attention span required. Besides, my daughter's culinary skills are much along the line of that which the author suggests are possessed by most young children.... melt ice cream, add sprinkles, add syrup, toss in some sugar, a few grapes and top off with chocolate chips. I've had to choke down more than one overly sweet and not so tasty experimental dessert. I think I will get us a cookbook to use together, but I think I'll take the author's suggestion and pick up a copy of Rozanne Gold's "Kids Cook 1-2-3". That sounds like it would be much more kid, parent and kitchen friendly (even though there are no green eggs to be made).

Those reluctant buds on the trees have begun to unfurl and show themselves in their splendid glory. It seems to have happened overnight and I am ever optimistic that summer-like weather will arrive on our doorstep sometime soon. I hope.

Every single time I go to the paint store, including today, I am drawn to the greens. Whether I have a purple or a striking pink in mind, I immediately gravitate to the greens. There are so many hues of green, many of them delicious and fresh and striking. I meant, today, to pick up some swatches and books with hot colors to look at. And I had a nice selection in hand. But then I stumbled upon a new wood stain product in glorious colors, including, of course, green. I checked and rechecked the bag when I got home and I have the stain products I chose, but somewhere along the way I mislaid the swatches. Oh well, I like the paint store.

These are just a few greens I played with on Behr's website (hmmmm, looks like I'm particularly attracted to "Crisp Green"). I've used their ColorSmart system time and again when redecorating and find there are a number of really useful tools to play with. If you're thinking of tackling a redecorating project.... Take me there!

Greens, a good many of them, work really well with a large number of blues.

Remember the old saying, "Blue and green should never be seen together except in the washing machine"?

Says who?

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