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Sunday, August 9, 2009

In Great Company

The ChiChi Show and Sale featuring Tara Davis and Johanna Brierley was our very first ChiChi Event.  We couldn't be happier.

Thank you to all of our ChiChi friends who attended.  We are always happy to see you and we're delighted we were able to introduce you to Johanna and Tara.

It was much effort, for all of us, but I was delighted they were introduced to a number of people previously unfamiliar with them.

I consider myself their biggest fan (after their supportive and lovely families) and truly wish to see them both be successful in their endeavors.

We also met numerous lovely new people who had their first experience with the store and I also want to extend my thanks to them for helping to make the evening a success.  

We've already started planning our next event so stay in touch!  

We'll reveal more as we get closer to nailing down the details.

Gratitude and Platitudes

~ Warm and heartfelt thanks to Johanna and Tara for thinking enough of us to have their event at our House.

~ Big smooches to Harv for tending to all those last minute details, for being my rock and for his unwavering support (and for the official iPhone photos!).

~ Thanks to Chelsey for throwing herself into the fray with very short notice and little experience with the ChiChi ropes.

~ A very special thanks to two Moms who support their daughters with unyielding devotion.  Such lovely and talented people are not simply born ~ they are nurtured, encouraged and know they have warm arms to fall into should the going get tough. 

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