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Sunday, August 2, 2009

We Say..

We promised you we would be providing our own product reviews. We promised you we'd be honest. "We Say" will be our weekly product review feature to give you the inside scoop on how we feel about a product. We're kicking off "We Say" this week with our review of...


I recall when I first found Adam Frank's Lumen on the web. I was totally floored by the images and the idea.

Adam Frank is an artist. It just so happens his art, which explores light and interactivity, translated very well into products for the home with Lumen being the most accessible for most homes.

I first discovered Lumen long before I became a retailer. It was only after opening ChiChi that I was able to bring the world of incredible goods my guy and I discover in our travels (both in real life and online) to Winnipeg. Lumen was among the first of decor items to grace our store.

When our order first arrived I was absolutely thrilled and couldn't wait to get a demo out of the package and fired up. What followed was, to be completely honest, disappointment. Its not that the product in and of itself is a disappointment. It was that the images I had viewed previously were not entirely representative of how the Lumen will appear in the average home. Let me explain further...

The web images of Lumen are professionally photographed with lighting and angles advantageous to creating the most striking image. That is true of every product professionally photographed.

The actual shadow effect created by a Lumen is, on its own, striking and beautiful. We have found that Lumen has sold well and makes for a truly unique gift. We have been careful to forewarn those who have previously seen the professional Lumen images as to what they can expect. We have placed a card with the Lumens which shows the shadow effect as it can be expected to be seen when used under average conditions.

Lumen are beautifully designed in acid etched stainless steel. There is a thoughtful soft base to ensure your furniture isn't harmed. Two 17 hour fuel cells (liquid wax) are supplied and refills are available at a very reasonable price.

Without doubt any one of the Lumen series is a wholly unique and beautiful object. Something special for oneself or for gifting. We feel compelled to give it a "Cool!" If it weren't for the anticlimactic difference betwixt how its illustrated and how it works in a home setting, it would have been a definite "Hot"

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