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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Learning Curve

If you follow our blog regularly you have likely noticed some changes on the side bar.  Lots of 'em.  This is me wading into the social networking pool much to the chagrin of my guy's 14 year old.  People 'our age' have no business being on Facebook or Twitter or the myriad of others out there.  We should stick to email and telephones - preferably the rotary kind - if she were to have her way.

Well, we say "pffffft!"  You kids may have popularized social networking but that doesn't mean our generation - who, by the way, paved the virtual highway for you - can't jump on board (albeit a little late).

Granted, we've been sticking our toes in the waters tentatively.  But we've been finding the water is warm (translation:  its not so hard to learn after all) and we've decided we're jumping right in - sharks be damned (translation:  we don't care that you think we're unhip dinosaurs)!

I'm even going to go and Tweet this post as soon as I'm done!

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