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Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's a Colourful Life!

Since recently redecorating the moppet's room I've been craving a change in my bedroom.  I'm yearning for something with rich warmth and a bit of drama (as if I don't have enough drama with a little girl who's hormones seem to be kicking in early).  Whilst perusing the interwebs - or consulting the big brain, as my brother would say - I happened across Behr's Colour Trend guide for 2011.  From palettes called "Boudoir Goth" to "Tokyo Pop" they present a wide range of gorgeous selections.

My eyes keep roaming to "Strike a Pose".  With a creamy white trim and window coverings, and accents in black or a near black, I think it would be fabulous!  There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint and a few decor changes in a room to elevate one's spirits (and their motivation to keep things tidy!).

Once done, I think it will make my bed seem all that more inviting since I've determined that the only colour bedding that really works in my home is pristine white.  You cannot, after all, bleach a Kool-aid stain out of a steel blue duvet cover.  Some day, movie nights in mom's bed will come to an end.  Until then, there's Javex.   

Behr, for those unfamiliar, has a terrific website for playing with colour.  You can create your own palettes and save your projects with a log in.

To visit, simply click HERE.

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