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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Last Dust Bunny

Once upon a time ago there was a mysterious man named Fred.  Fred didn't like ho hum things.  He wanted things which made him smile and so he set off in pursuit of fun and useful things for people and their homes.  When Dust Bunny was first born he was embraced and adopted into many homes.  He, as bunnies are wont to do, multiplied and spread his joy throughout the land(s).  When assisting him with becoming animated one couldn't help but chortle at the look of surprise on his face.  He and his siblings were happiest with their schmushy little faces planted in a layer of dust or rubbing a tchotchke back to a shine.  

Alas, as things will sometimes happen when we take them for granted, his numbers began to dwindle.  The bunnies were no longer multiplying.  Were they stricken by a dust mite virus rendering them barren?  No.  Sadly, they had simply "had their run".  

If you have a Dust Bunny embrace him and care well for him as there will be no others to replace him.

If you do not have a Dust Bunny, well, we have a singular one in our possession.  We want to be sure he goes to a good home.  And he wants his existence to have meaning beyond being an efficient eater of dust.  What to do?  

To fulfill Dust Bunny's wish, and to ensure he goes to a really great home, he has agreed to submitting himself to auction.  The proceeds from the auction will be donated, in the winning bidder's name, to a charity of their choosing.  For full details please see our Dust Bunny Auction page or click HERE

Goodbye, Dust Bunny.  You will be missed.

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