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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Special Effects...

Meet Bobo.  He's a collectible Zuny animal produced in limited edition.

But this post isn't about Bobo.  He's simply modelling for us today so we can show you what we think will be the hot stocking stuffer this year ~ Jelly Lens.  A tiny little sticky camera lens/charm to elevate your cellphoneto a special effects camera.


Here, we get a close up shot of Bobo that would otherwise be impossible to take with a cell phone camera.

Here's Bobo using the Kaleidoscope lens.

Bobo with the Sparkle effect lens.

And, every woman my age will love this one, Soft Focus.

A terrific little something for under $10!


Thanks, Bobo, for not being a diva during the shoot.

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