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Friday, March 14, 2008

Cowboy Daze

What's retro without cowboys? Nuthin'

Think about it... The Lone Ranger. Roy Rogers. Gene Autry. Paladin. All of the Cartwrights. Johnny Ringo. Maverick. Hopalong Cassidy. And that names just a few.

The 50's: Explosive changes and advancements in industry, technology, music and design best define the era. Television quickly became the dominant mass media as the technology became available and affordable enough for families to bring into their homes. It wasn't long before children were spending more hours in front of the televsion than they did in school (some things never change!). Serials, sitcoms and films became an entertainment staple in most homes. Many of those programs were set in the wild, wild west with cowboys, and the odd cowgirl, later dominating the dreams and play of little boys (and the odd girl).

Toys for boys were primarily focused on the cowboy theme. Wild west plastic toy characters complete with covered wagons, horses and other livestock were a staple in every boy's toy chest. As were cowboy cap guns and rifles, sherrif's badges, bandanas and cowboy hats. They sported pinbacks of their favorite lawmen. They couldn't bear the thought of missing an episode of the Lone Ranger or Rin Tin Tin. They carried their sandwiches in lunch boxes embellished with their favorite character.

Vintage Cowboy toys are considered collectible and vary greatly in value depending on the type of toy and condition. Mint condition cap guns, especially when named after a TV character, are most sought after and typically fetch the dearest dollar. Old tin mechanical toys are also worth a pretty penny if they are in good working condition. Cowboy dolls - Ha! Call them action figures all you like he-men, they really are just dolls for boys - created in the likeness of popular television lawmen and heroes sell for up to a couple of hundred dollars in mint condition.

Whatever their monetary value may be is somewhat less charming than their sentimental value. Ask your man or your father what his favorite cowboy shows were and watch his eyes light up as he recalls. Then take him to the website linked below and trip down memory lane with him. And then, if he's up for it, bring him on down to the ChiChi House to have a boo at our tribute to cowboys in the mAntique room.

Take me there!

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