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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Vintage in the News

From remakes of old movies to books encouraging boys to get their faces out of their video games and their butts outside to build go-karts and treehouses to fashion runways to retro modern furniture design to kitchenware emulating design of the past, Vintage is a growing trend being embraced from here to Paris and beyond.

The Independent Saturday Magazine UK writer John Walsh takes a stab at explaining the "Retro Explosion". His article sets the stage for a number of "retro delights" you can click your way through. Though his suppositions may make sense in some regard there is always just this: A: They don't make things the way they used to. B: There was a certain vibrancy in mid-century design we haven't seen since; enduring style (like that little black dress in the back of your closet that will never be out of style), lickable colors and endearing futuristic qualities bordering on cartoonish. And 3: Vintage will always be vogue. Or so says I.

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The Times Leader, a Pennsylvania paper, features an article entitled "Costume Jewelry Makes a Comeback" - no explanation neccessary - just....

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And then there is an emerging trend I positively love and cannot wait to feature in the store... Interior design trends often follow the fashion industry. What's the hot trend in fashion this year? Look for it later in the year in interior design and home decor. Patent leather upholstery? Yeah, baby! I simply cannot wait to pick just the right piece for this. What a fab idea! Have a boo at the article in the WCF Courier entitled "Time to Shine".

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