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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Feelin' Some Love Today

Hooray! A comment! A comment! Didja see it? We got a comment! We *love* comments. See, we know you're out there. We know you're checking in with us. Or checking up on us. We know there are quite a few of you out there. That or the counter is broken and one person has an obsession with us. But you are all so quiet. Go ahead... press that little comment link. Leave us a message. Just say 'hi' if you don't have much else to say. Ramble on at length if you like. Tell us about your day if you're having a bad one - or a spectacularly good one! We're here. And we LOVE comments!

We are also in love with:


MM. We'll spare him the embarassment of publishing his name. Not all men want to be loved by us. We don't love him the same way we love the men we live with (Um, that would be one man each. In separate, unique homes.). We love him like a little kid loves Santa. Because he is like Santa. He brings us some of the most yummy treasures. He is vintage Santa. And he is welcome for coffee every day. Even if he didn't bring his goody sack.


Miss P likens herself to a fish, swimming directly to that sparkly bit glinting in the water. I totally get that.


Oh where to begin about Marcia. Her sardonic wit. Her sincerity and honesty. Her keen eye for the good stuff. Her candid (and truly appreciated) advice. Her basement. She is a deep well of knowledge about all things collectible and has presented us, sometimes with a well received smack upside the head, with some really great ideas to help us build the ChiChi House. Her coffee is pretty good too.


At the risk of being redundant, did we mention we love turquoise?


She can do anything (wow, I just mentally tripped away in a ShowTune moment). She should wear a cape but those kind of capes are so yesterday. Terry must have been a boy scout in a former life. She embodies all those things which scouts strive to be to earn their merit badges. Honest. Sincere. Reliable. Talented. Kind. I could go on. And on. Terry is a renaissance woman. As comfortable with mitering a corner as she is creating a delicate and beautiful handmade card. She should be declared a national treasure.


Honestly, we positively love coming to work. We want to live there. The space is decorated with such great colors. The little yellow fridge makes me grin every time I open it and see the pink insides. Things we adore everywhere. Warm. Inviting. And it's cleaner than our homes. Who has time to clean at home?


Our newest love. Quiet on the outside. A veritable funhouse on the inside (she may be asking herself how I could suppose this - I read your blogs girl, all the way through. If I've supposed wrong, feel free to b*slap me and I'll edit accordingly). Cool. Funny. Insightful. Super talented with a wicked eye for detail. As good with words as she is with a camera. A night owl - like me. A rapier wit - like Miss P. She's the lovely lady who so kindly created our blog banner and the sumptuous photos you see on the Flickr link.

Ahhhhh. That felt good.

1 comment:

  1. Oh My- you are just too nice- But since you are now on my blog radar, you can at least expect one hit from me every morning as I "work" and maybe even a comment or two-