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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where, oh Where Have the ChiChi Chicks Been?

I'd like to start by apologizing for our conspicuous silence this last week plus. After that whirlwind round of super-blogging it seems my muse became un-amused and refused to come out to play for awhile.

Actually, we've been a little on the busy side. Sorting through stock and deciding which pieces of furniture were deserving of a cottage chic treatment, what colors to use and combine, picking through the small things and finding delightful summery items to put out, sourcing new home decor items and local artisans, placing orders, dealing with order mix-ups and other nightmares, painting, sanding, crackling.... are you tired yet?

We aren't! Combine all that with combing the City for treasures so we remain well stocked, taking our respective Chicklets to and from school and extra-cirricular activities, cleaning our House and our homes, making time for our men, doing laundry and all the other mundane stuff that every day life brings.

Okay, *now* we're tired! But that isn't anything a hot cuppa java from our delightful magic elixer machine won't fix - by the by, coffee fixes are always gratis for our customers in the ChiChi House! Cappuccino, espresso and lattes, oh my!

We've also been out and about on mini vacations with our families.

Miss P was MIA for a week as she jetted off to Vancouver with her hubby and Chicklet. Considering how lush and green and warm it was compared to what we've been dealing with, we are mighty lucky she even returned! While there she visited a number of Vintage shops (its not that we're paranoid about competition that we check out other stores - we do these things just for the love of it!). You'll likely see a blog from her in the next few days about her fun and findings.

I am off to the Mecca of Mid-Century Modernism tomorrow - Palm Springs, California! I will be browsing the superabundance of swanky shops in downtown Palm Springs proper. Golf, schmolf. Give me a shop chock-a-block full of vintage and retro to spend the day in! I'll be sure to update from there and promise I will make little or no reference to the beautiful weather. Oops, sorry, I went and did it already!

In the meanwhile - we promise we will update the blog multiple times weekly - even if just to point you to a website we think is too cool to miss. For those who have conveyed to us that they read the blog daily with their morning cuppa, we really are sorry. We've posted some good ones in the past but we certainly didn't intend for you to have to settle for reruns.



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