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Monday, March 31, 2008

Cute as a (Vintage) Button!

We are so very happy to introduce you to our newest ChiChi addition of talented local artisans!

We've spoken often of how Vintage is Earth friendly. By reusing, repurposing and Up-cycling we all play a little part in offering mother Earth some relief from decades of heavy disposable consumerism. Sisters Cindy & Carey do more than play their part. Not only do they have a love of Vintage but they have a unique talent for upcycling Vintage buttons into phenomenal jewelry. They are sweet and genuine girls and their keen sense of style shows in the playful and gorgeous pieces they create using really great Vintage buttons, crystals and other findings. We adore all of their pieces and I find their earrings especially darling because of the thoughtful design. Ever find yourself off to the loo to powder your nose and notice one of your earrings has twisted around so the ugly side is showing? That can never be so with a posh pair of Cindy & Carey earrings as they are just as pretty on the 'wrong' side!

Here is just a sampling of Cindy & Carey pieces we currently have in store for you...

Long, assymetrical necklace featuring gorgeous golds/browns/oranges...

~~~~~~~~~Pretty in Pink and Pearl bracelet~~~~~~~~~

Polka dots with Panache!

Our sincere apologies to the girls for not getting this up sooner - I had mislaid my data card for my camera and was unable to get photos to accompany our happy addition to the ChiChi House until today. Not that the jewelry has gone unnoticed - a lovely woman with a skippy new spring jacket wore a fab pin out of the store just the other day and a delightful lady with exquisite taste took home my favourite bracelet!

Keep an eye open for the upcoming issue of Winnipeg Women where Cindy & Carey will be featured! Welcome to ChiChi Cindy & Carey! We are proud to have your designs in our House.

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