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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Retro Meets Modern

As some of you may already be aware, we have been scouring the web for suppliers of unique home decor items and giftware which will complement our vintage goods. Since we first opened our doors we have envisioned ChiChi evolving into a Modern Vintage shop. What the heck is Modern Vintage? It's ChiChi, baby!

In some circles "Modern Vintage" is defined solely as Mid-Century furnishings and design. Others will immediately identify with a stunning Italian shoe line (Oh, yes, I *will* put up a link but not until the end of this post as I don't want you getting all distracted with the shoes and forgetting about me here). We, at the ChiChi house, have a different interpretation as to what Modern Vintage is...

To us, Modern Vintage is a malleable style which incorporates both modern and vintage design. You might be a modern minimalist with the sleekest lined furnishings who makes a room pop with a few well chosen vintage items. Perhaps you have a more traditional view of interior decorating with classic vintage furnishings yet jazz up your space with ultra modern lighting and art. We view Modern Vintage as a combination of the best of both worlds. It is eras colliding. It is an Up-cycled vintage dining room suite with strong lines and gorgeous modern upholstery. It is a modern, Italian designed coffee table with a large, cobalt blue vintage glass vase set upon it. It is a tired 40's table lamp revamped with color and adorned with an incredible new shade.

I'm sure I could expand on that and ramble on for far too long but I'll save you from all that, and get to the point, so you can get on over to see the juicy shoes.

We've been a bit busier than usual lately. Busy scouting and picking out ChiChi things and fun things and downright amazing things. Many things not readily available in Winnipeg. Many things we think *should* be made available in Winnipeg. We've been busy seeking out and courting incredibly talented artisans whose work we want to offer to our customers in the store. We've been busy on the phone and with email placing orders. Today, the first of the orders arrived! It felt like my birthday as I opened the boxes and made space in the parlor of the ChiChi House and I had a blast doing it as it was an order of kitschy fun stuff!

Today, we are happy to announce that we now have a terrific line of Vintage inspired giftware at price points you will be pleased with. LyonCo's Vintage themed products range from glassware to refrigerator magnets, wall clocks to make-up bags, coffee mugs to note pads and stationary sets. There is a large selection to choose from in store and more coming soon! Here is just a little taste...

Bet you thought I forgot about the shoes! Moi? Forget about shoes? Silly rabbits. A quick word before you go though - keep watching us here as we'll be introducing (just as soon as they arrive) a couple of new lines of spectacular new home decor items!
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  1. HEY!! I only have a kitchen... because it came with the house!

    That's made for me :-)

  2. You girls rock - you are home away from home - I love your store , but I especially love your upbeat personalities! My heartfelt wish for you is that ChiChiChicks will "Go to the Moon" with their wonderful store! It is more than a store it is a "Feel Good Memory".
    Bask in your Labor of Love and treasure your treasures.
    Thank-you for the kind word, you have thrown a drowning woman a life line!